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The Focus of this Lesson is Using Heter in Simple Present Tense Equivalent to the phrase "nice to meet you" in English, Swedes, probably as 

More Swedish greetings Formal: God morgon/dag/kväll – Good morning/day/evening Formal person trying to be funny (old style): Goddagens – Good day/hello Buddy-level: Tjenare – Hi Close buddy: Tja (short form of tjenare) – Yo Buddy who is fed up saying tjenare or tja too often: Tjabba – Yooo Hejsan, hallå, tjena/tjenare are also informal ways to say “hello”. Good…: God morgon, God dag, God Basic Swedish Phrases. If you'd like to study these phrases (and their pronunciations) Swedish Vocabulary Swedish vocabulary has numerous loanwords which entered the language from Low German, and High German. Some example of Germanic words in Swedish include mus (“mouse”), kung (“king”), and gås (“goose”). Let's learn Swedish conversation with basic and useful phrases!The audio will be played 2 times.

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Most Swedes are fluent in English and running business meetings with foreigners in English is common. However, if you are a business professional, you can build your relationship with Swedish partners by using some key Swedish phrases. A ‘ hej ’, ‘ tack ’ or ‘ Trevligt att träffas’ can open a few doors. Learn Swedish for beginners! Learn important Swedish words, phrases & grammar - fast! Feb 26, 2018 - Explore Karen Charlton's board "Swedish phrases", followed by 421 people on Pinterest.

What is your name? Vad heter du? My name is… Jag heter… Nice to meet you!

Learn the 30 most important words in Swedish. can find the translation of the 50 most important words and expressions into Swedish. How to say Hello! and Goodbye in Swedish! Swedish complete language course: with 69% discount!

Promoting the beautiful language of Swedish using words and pictures with English translation. Rachel KeethLärande Svenska (Learning  Swedish Introductions Cheat Sheet by dicewitch. This sheet is being developed as a student aid for small group Swedish lessons.

Swedish beginner phrases

A list of Basic Swedish words and phrases translated into English.

Learning how to use the building blocks of a language is, of course, important but when starting out, maybe try to learn  Feb 10, 2014 The Swedish workplace can be a minefield if you're still learning the language.

Swedish beginner phrases

This video introduces the most important Swedish words and phrases and will teach you grammar automatical How to learn Swedish?Learn Swedish while you sleep. Tack, jag mår bra. (Tayk, yag moor brah) What is your name?
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No prior  Words in Swedish. Promoting the beautiful language of Swedish using words and pictures with English translation.

Make the most of your trip to work by learning Swedish words and phrases on the way.
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Prerequisite Completed Swedish Level I or be able to ask simple questions, make brief statements and write basic sentences in Swedish. Titta igenom exempel 

Your goal is to reduce the number of blue  For those of you with just the plane ride to prepare, check our survival phrase series at